Field hockey protection


Hockey protection

The right protection is indispensable on the hockey field. You are not even allowed to play without shin guards and a bit! But to be able to give everything, protective gloves and penalty corners are also very important. Just like hockey shoes and hockey sticks., the right protection for hockey is also available from different hockey brands. How about adidas, Brabo, Grays, Malik and Dita. In terms of protection, you cannot be protected enough in hockey and it is wise to use the right shin guards, hockey gloves, corner masks and other body protection.

Hockey gloves

Fortunately, we see more and more hockey gloves on the hockey field. There is nothing more annoying than getting a hockey ball against your hand. Both hockey gloves are available for your left and right hand. The hockey gloves are specially made so that they have no adverse effect on your game. There is not only a difference between a left and right model, but also between the full and half finger. Simply put, the full finger ensures a fully covered hand and the half finger only covers a small part of the hand.

Punishment corner masks

It is the standard for a hockey goalkeeper to wear a helmet, but this is less common among the defenders of a penalty corner. This may have to do with the view that is obstructed. Safety first, right? That's why we have the solution at Sportshop: masks that are transparent. This can be with clear hard plastic or the same metal bars as a goalkeeper helmet has. This gives you as a line stop optimal visibility and you are well protected against the drag push of the opponent.