Hockey accessories

Do you want to play an optimal training or match? Then the right accessories are a must. has a wide range of hockey accessories from various top brands such as: Shoefresh, nike, Malik and Select. Do you care about hockey and want to try everything? then you've come to the right place at with the wide range of training accessories and hockey gifts such as mini hockey sticks and key rings.

Hockey training materials

During every training it is important that you have the right attributes. For a good hockey practice it is useful to have enough hockey balls, but pawns can of course also not be missed. After a tough training, it is wonderful for every player to have a nice game. To make these teams clearly visible for each and every one, we have a wide range of training vests in different colors, but also double-stitched vests so that you can make 3 teams! A referee whistle is of course also very useful to lead this game well.