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Privacy policy

We respect your privacy and only process your personal data for the purpose you provided them, in accordance with the Law Protection Personal data and the Telecommunication law.

1. Company details

Company name: Sportshop.com
Website: http://www.sportshop.com
Registration number KvK: 18079258
VAT-number: NL8147.37.390.B01

2. E-mail address

When collecting your e-mail address for reasons other than a closed agreement, this will not be used to transfer unsolicited communication when you have not granted permission for it.

3. Post address

We use your post address for sending requested information only.

4. Telephone number

We do not use your phone number for commercial purposes.

5. Other personal data

Other personal data will only be processed (by means of cookies, reading peripherals or otherwise) when:
1. The data processing is necessary for:
a. Executing an agreement with you;
b. A good completion of the public law;
c. The representation of our legitimate interest (unless your interest or fundamental rights and liberties prevail above this interest), or;
2. You have granted permission for processing while collecting.

We will never store your data longer than necessary for the processing of the purposes which they were collected for

6. Special personal data

The collected information will only be used internally and will not be passed to other organizations.

7. Security transferring and receiving data

a. If we transfer or receive your data on our website, we will always use the coding-technologies which are recognized as common standards in the IT-sector;
b. If we receive or transfer certain critical information, like for instance financial or health information, we will use a protected server. You will be notified via a screen pictured on our website (pop-up);
c. We took the necessary security measures to prevent loss, unauthorized use or modifications from the information we receive on our website;

8. Security data storage

Safety criteria

a. On the page where you are providing personal data, a secured connection is used.
b. Passwords will always be stored hashed.
c. We store the least possible data of our customers and make sure that there isn’t any particularly sensitive personal data stored, unless this cannot be done otherwise.

9. Data acces

If requested we notify our websites visitors about the personal data that are processed. Possible incorrect data can be corrected, filled or deleted. If you wish permission to this information, or correct your personal data, please contact us at the address below.

10. Contact

If you wish to react on our Privacy Policy, please contact:

a. At the following e-mailaddress: info@sportshop.com
b. At the following phone number: +31 (0)416 652803
c. At the following address: Tielenstraat 13 5145 RC Waalwijk


This Privacy policy can be changed at all times. This changes will be published here and where appropriate you will be notified via e-mail.