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Field hockey goalkeeper

Field Hockey goalkeeper

As a hockey goalkeeper you always have to be ready to defend your goal. As a goalkeeper you have to endure a lot and you have to be constantly sharp to keep the ball out of the goal. Perhaps the most important thing about a hockey goalkeeper is the equipment. What about the right body protector, elbow pads, gloves, goalkeeper helmets, legguards, goalkeeper shirts, goalkeeper sticks and clogs. Goalkeeper clothing is made in such a way that it is lightweight, self-breathable and very comfortable around the body, but you are still optimally protected against the ball. You focus on the game and we focus on the very best hockey goalkeeper gear!

Printed hockey goalie shirt

What could be better than a hockey goalkeeper shirt with your own name or the name of your hockey idol on it. Almost all hockey goalkeeper shirts in our range can be printed with your favorite number and / or name. Of course, the print is of the highest quality and it will hold well and firmly after washing. Would you like more information about printing hockey clothing? Please contact our customer service.

Goalkeeper stick or field hockey stick

Many hockey keepers have a real goalkeeper stick, these sticks often have a longer grip and a special shape at the shaft of the stick. This gives you more hitting surface when you go towards the ball during a block slide or with a head-first. Obo is of course a big player when it comes to goalkeepers, but TK, Grays and Kookaburra also have a special range.

But of course there is more! We think it is very important that a keeper is well protected, but a comfortable feeling in the goal is of course just as important. The perfect stick is essential for this. Don't like a goalkeeper stick? Then take a look at our range of field hockey sticks. Here is much more choice in shape, size and color so that you always know how to find the perfect hockey stick. A goalkeeper stick is allowed, but not necessary. Whatever you like best, you should do!