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Handball shoes


Handball Shoes

If you are looking for the latest handball shoes at super sharp prices, you have come to the right place at sportshop.com. In our collection, we have handball shoes from brands such as Nike, Asics, adidas, Hummel, Kempa, Mizuno, Salming and Under Armour. The handball shoes offer excellent grip, sturdiness and cushioning. Run faster, jump further and land softer than ever before with one of our +400 handball shoes.

Women's handball shoes

The handball shoes for women have a slightly different fit than the handball shoes for men. The women's handball shoes are slightly narrower because the women's feet are generally narrower. We have both men's and women's models in various sizes of well-known brands in stock. Order your favorite color, size, and model today!

Men's handball shoes

Sportshop offers men's handball shoes from trusted brands such as adidas, Mizuno, and Nike. We offer higher models for those who are looking for extra strength around the ankle. Whether you are a starting player or an experienced player, we have the handball shoe for you!

Kids handball shoes

For children, we have handball shoes where extra attention has been paid to the firmness and cushioning of the shoe. Good cushioning and an extra sturdy shoe prevent injuries and make playing more comfortable. We have kids handball shoes from different brands such as Salming, Asics, Mizuno, Hummel, and Kempa.