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Beste Hardloopschoenen 2018

Running shoes 2018

Do prefer the Asics Gel-Nimbus, or maybe you run faster on the Nike Air zoom Pegasus? Check out our 2018 collection.


Running Sale

Run as fast as you can to our SALE collection to find the best running shoes, pants, and shirts

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Running jackets

Running shirts

Running shirts

Running long sleeves

Long sleeves, your running specialist!

Do you walk, sprint or run together with us for a better end result? At you will find everything you need to reach your goal. With the right kind of running shoes, every step is comfortable. Our running clothing is not only stylish but it has ventilation and it does not irritate during long runs. Do you want to bring your wallet, keys or maybe even a bottle along with your run? Our large collection running accessories offers solutions for your running problems.

Running- shoes and clothing

Running, maybe the most popular sport that is out there. Whether for one person it does not matter what color his shoes are, someone else can look for the perfect match with his clothing. In our collection, you will find the large and small brands! What about running shoes from Asics, Brooks, Nike, Saucony, New Balance, and Mizuno. But also the most stylish clothing with a focus on performance from adidas, Newline, Under Armour and Craft.

Running socks

Need some socks that will make your run even more comfortable. We have a large variety of different socks that add that little bit of extra cushioning and avoid irritations or blisters.  Most of the running socks we offer have ventilation and are seamless in order to get you to your goal.