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Your trail run starts at Sportshop

Trail running is becoming increasingly popular. Not so strange at all, because this form of running is challenging and completely different compared to your all-round running laps and endurance running on paved paths. Since you walk on other trails and demand a lot of your joints, it is important to buy special running equipment for this. No worries, at Sportshop you can order everything you need for the perfect trail run.

What is trail running?

Trail running is simply walking on unpaved trails. If you are soon walking one of the trail running routes in your area, you will notice that this form of running is challenging, adventurous and above all fun. Because most trails are 80% -90% off-road, you can explore beautiful nature. Great if you like to alternate your standard running laps or like to explore beautiful areas in your area. Now that you know what trail running is, it's time to delve into your 'running gear'.

Trail running for beginners, what to watch out for?

If you are just starting with trail running, you have to adjust your running style considerably. Maybe you are already used to completing the 10K within an hour or you are one of the heroes who have completed a marathon. Dosing your energy is crucial during a trail run. This means that not only beginners, but also experienced athletes choose to take a climb by walking. Tip! As you walk uphill, make sure to push yourself with your hands on your thighs. This saves muscle strength in your legs and puts your core to work.

Order trail running clothes and trail running shoes at the Sportshop

Now that you have a clear picture of what to think before you start running, the fun part is coming. Time to put together your running outfit! You can choose from a nice collection of trail running clothing and trail running shoes from brands such as ASICS, Nike and Compressport. These products are equipped with all kinds of useful technologies to make things just a little bit easier for you. Think of a silicone grip on the thighs of a running tight so you can push yourself off, strategically placed studs on the sole for great traction and running shirts with high breathability.

Register for trail running events.

You may have already run the 10K, half a marathon or maybe even an entire marathon but have you ever thought of trail running events? Events are regularly organized. As a result, you will immediately learn how trail running routes are put together and you will also receive a new steel accessory around your neck. Take a look at our trail running calendar and discover the events that take place in your area!