Field hockey masks


With hockey masks you stand safely in the goal

If your opponent takes a penalty corner, then of course you want to be protected at the goal. Hockey masks from Brabo, TK and OBO are known for their high quality and ensure that you don't have to worry about the impact of a hockey ball. Head injury during contact with the ball is prevented and you are sure that you will play safely throughout the match.

A perfect fit due to the adjustable headband of the hockey masks

The hockey masks from Brabo, TK and OBO have an adjustable headband. This ensures that the mask is molded from the first moment and the hockey mask is extra comfortable due to the foam filling on the inside. Do you prefer a cornermask made of sturdy PVC, or would you prefer to wear the classic version of steel? A steel hockey mask is the safest choice. You have enough view of the hockey ball through the grid and you will never be bothered by a foggy mask.

The rules associated with a cornermask

Whether you order a cornermask for juniors or seniors, there are certain rules in both cases. The structure of the mask must be smooth and the allowed colors are white, a solid color or the mask must be transparent. With the assortment of Sportshop you are in the right place in all cases!

Complete your order with mouthguards and shinguards

Protection on the field goes much further than just a hockey mask. Is your mouthguard in need of replacement or are you looking for new shinguards? Even then you are at the right place at Sportshop. While walking out at a penalty corner you are fully protected and you are always assured of a safe game.