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Running shoes


Running shoes from the best known brands

We have a suitable range of running shoes for every runner. Are you starting or experienced? And do you mainly walk on paved or unpaved paths? We offer a suitable collection for long and short distances. Choose from the latest running shoes for women, men and kids. Think of brands such as ASICS, Saucony and Nike. The shoes offer sufficient cushioning and are available according to the latest colors and trends in the field of running.

Which running shoes do I need?

Are you still not sure which running shoes are suitable for your run? No problem! We like to make it easy for you and have divided our offer into the following categories:

Neutral: Are you landing on your midfoot? Do you want to actively develop your foot? And do you want to walk in the most natural and responsible way? Then these shoes are the best choice for you.

Overpronation: The name says it like. If your foot has an overpronation these running shoes are suitable. The shoes are also used for runs on paved paths and other similar surfaces.

Running shoes for different surfaces

Do you walk on paved and asphalted roads, on forest paths or do you regularly train or compete on the athletics track? We have also divided our range of running shoes for different surfaces:

Road: If you walk on paved roads or other similar surfaces, neutral running shoes are suitable for you. Pay attention! Your feet must have a neutral pronation.

Track: These shoes can be recognized by the spikes. The shoes are suitable for competitions or training on the athletics track.

Trail: The perfect shoes if you walk on forest trails or loose sand. The shoes are made for walking on uneven surfaces, the shoes are waterproof and offer optimum grip.

Combine the running shoes with matching running clothes and running accessories

In addition to choosing from a variety of running shoes from well-known brands, you are also in the right place when it comes to running clothing and running accessories. The clothing is durable, keeps your skin cool and dry and ensures optimum moisture transport. This makes you completely ready for every training or competition!