Field hockey shinguards

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We have more products for you

Hockey shin guards from adidas, Brabo, Osaka and The Indian Maharaja

With hockey shin guards you prevent the risk of injuries and you reduce the impact of hockey sticks and hockey balls. At Sportshop you can choose from different shin guards from, among others, adidas, Brabo, Osaka and The Indian Maharaja. Which models are best for you also depends on your personal preference. Do you like to play with hockey shin guards made of hard plastic or soft foam? And would you like to warm up with or without shin guards? If you have answered these questions for yourself, then shopping can begin!

Choose from different washable shin guards

A number of hockey shin guards from our collection have a removable part. This means that your hockey shin guards are washable and this means you play with even more hygiene. The comfortable fit is due to the soft interior and due to the different designs, a suitable design is also available for your taste.

Excellent to combine with hockey socks from Sportshop

After you have made a choice, it is certainly good to also view the rest of our collection. For example, combine the hockey shin guards with matching hockey socks and increase your comfort with a brand new pair of hockey shoes. From Funsocks to classic socks from adidas or Osaka, you order it all at Sportshop!

Your right size hockey shin guards

Are you just starting to play and you don't know what size you need? Or has your son or daughter grown considerably and does the hockey shin protectors become too small as a result? No problem! We help you on your way and are happy to advise you what size you need

Body height  Recommended size shin guards
100 - 120 cm XXS
121 - 140 cm XS
141 - 160 cm
161 - 180 cm
181 - 200 cm