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Basketball accessories

At Sportshop.com you will find more than just basketball clothing, shoes and protection. We have an extensive range of basketball accessories, from water bottles to sports bags and from baskets to slippers. Everything you need to play basketball!

Basketball hoops & stands

If you want to play a game of basketball at home with your friends or family, a basketball hoop and stand are of course very useful. In our collection we have basketball rings, rings with backboard and basketball posts in stock. The baskets can be used under any weather conditions so that you can train extra at home outside the sports club. You can easily attach the baskets to a wall or pole.

Water bottles & bottle racks

At Sportshop.com we have a wide range of water bottles and water bottle racks, because it is very important to drink about 1.5 liters of water every day. As an athlete it is of course even more important to adhere to this. We recommend that you take in at least 400 to 600 milliliters of fluid 1 to 2 hours before the competition or training, because your body uses 200 to 350 milliliters of fluid during exercise and you can replenish your fluid level after the exercise. Also make sure that your moisture level remains good and view our extensive range of water bottles and water bottle racks from different brands. Brands such as Nike sell both 500ml and 700ml versions of different water bottles in the collection.

Materials for trainers & coaches

The men and women with whom everything starts: the trainers and coaches. We at Sportshop.com are happy to take on the task of assistant trainer, by providing all the necessary materials that a trainer can use to prepare his / her team for the competitions. This should certainly succeed with top products from Spalding and Molten. For example, take a look at Molten's Coachboard, with this you can draw up the perfect strategy and explain it clearly to the team.

Sports bags

A good sports bag is essential for any basketball player to bring their basketball shoes, basketball clothing and shower gear to a workout or game. At Sportshop.com we sell sports bags with enough space to take all these things with you. The sports bags are sturdy and made of durable materials so that the sports bags last a long time. In our range you can choose from different brands including adidas, Spalding and Nike. There are sports bags in different sizes and colors available in our wide range.

Flip flops

Flip flops are ideal for putting on before or after a match, they have also become increasingly popular in the leisure time of athletes. You feel free in a slipper and can easily wear it with your sports socks. The slippers have also been given more beautiful models, and these top brands such as adidas only continue to develop. Not to forget, the slippers are ideal for showering, they also ensure that you do not slip and can shower safely.