Running accessories


Take your running performance to a higher level with running accessories

Are your running accessories due for replacement? In that case you are at the right place at Sportshop. Fasten your starting number in a few seconds with Bibbits' running magneten, be well prepared for cold temperatures with winter accessories and brave warm temperatures with summer accessories. If you like to walk with music, then our MIIEGO headphones and earphones should not be missing and you improve visibility in bad weather with reflective vests and running lights.

Smartphone holders with touchscreen control

Smartphone holders are indispensable if you walk with your smartphone. The touchscreen control allows you to continue using your phone and your phone is protected against a significant rain fall. Do you like to walk with music, do you always want to be available for that one phonecall or do you register all your running performances? With a phone bracelet from Nike, Newline and ASICS, your telephone is always within reach.

Take your most important things with you in drinking belts, backpacks or hip bags

Whether you walk a small round of 5K or go for an endurance run, in all cases drinking belts, backpacks and hip bags offer a great solution. You can safely store your telephone, gels, energy bars and keys. For example, choose the FlipBelt in a colorful design, a drinking belt with one or more water bottles or a running backpack with a water bag.

Give your body the right care with recovery and cooling products

You train hard and demand a lot from your body, but also think about giving your body back what you want. With recovery and cooling products you reduce muscle pain and prevent aches and pains after every run. Loosen your muscles with one of our foam rollers and get analgesic and anti-inflammatory gels at home from IcePower or Kwakzalver.

Sports food in the form of gels, energy bars and drinks

The right running shoes and running clothing are of course of great importance for runners. But we must not forget that watching your diet is just as important. For an endurance run, gels in different flavors offer a nice solution, after a workout you restore your muscles with one of our sports drinks and you can also get extra energy during your run from energy bars.