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Protection & Braces


Protection and braces

On a handball field, things can get tough from time to time. Whether you are diving on a goal, trying to stop an attacker, a fall or a collision with an opponent is inevitable. Protect yourself with the protective handball clothing from Sportshop and be prepared for any confrontation.


Sportshop has protective handball clothing such as knee protectors and elbow protectors, but also protective clothing for keepers. With protective clothing, you reduce the risk of bruising or other nasty injuries. Protective handball clothing is a must-have for every serious handball player!


An accident can happen in a flash and an injury cannot always be prevented. When an injury occurs, it is important that the body rests sufficiently and it will recover gradually. A brace helps the muscles and joints stay in the right place and reduces pressure and strain. Sportshop has a wide range of braces and supporting products from well-known brands such as MC David, LP Support, Select, Active Ankle, PSB, and Rehband.


Have you stretched a muscle or sprained an ankle? With the cooling sprays, gels or icepacks you stop the swelling. To treat various injuries directly, we have various cooling products in our collection that you can use for your recovery.