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Are you looking for the right pair of handball shoes, clothing or handballs? We can help! At Sportshop.com you will find everything you need to train, to play that one important game and to recover after it.

Handball shoes- and clothing

Do you match your handball shoes with your handball clothing? Or do you want shoes that have the best cushioning? It does not matter because we got you covered. At Sportshop.com you can find handball shoes from flagship brands such as Asics, Mizuno, Salming and adidas.

Something you can not go without is your handball clothing. Whether you are looking for that one special shirt or you always comfortable Salming socks, at Sportshop.com you will find them definitely. If you have a question about the size of the handball shoes, which materials are used or the size of a shirt. Feel free to contact us at any time.


With a handball, you can go in any direction. That is true for when you are on the field, but definitely true for choosing one. In our collection, we have brands such as Hummel, adidas, Select and Molten. Most of our handballs are suitable for resin. It this not the case, you will find it back in the description.