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Padel Rackets


Padel Rackets

Padel rackets come in different variants, whether you are a beginner or experienced player, Junior or Senior, we have the suitable padel racket for you. But which racket do you need? Padel rackets differ in their shape, weight and materials. However, the choice becomes easier by looking at your padel experience and weight of the racket. The last thing left to do is choose the brand and color you want, we have padel rackets from the top brands Babolat, Black Crown and HEAD, among others.

Beginning Padel Player

A padel racket for beginners is almost always round. The round shape ensures that the sweet spot is large and closer to the handle so that you can easily hit the ball well. When you hit the ball on the sweet spot you have better control and more power in your shot, without giving extra power.

Experienced to Advanced Player

If you already have more padel experience and want more power, the drop-shaped padel racket is suitable for you. The drop shape ensures that the sweet spot is slightly higher and can easily give you more power because you can make a reasonable swing. However, you don't sacrifice much in control. This makes this racket a combination of power and control! In addition, a round racket head can also be suitable if it is finished with a special coating for extra spin.

Due to the amount of control and precision that a round racket head provides, you cannot be stopped!

Advanced player

The diamond shape is suitable for the advanced player. The sweet spot is smaller and placed higher and ensures that you can give a lot of speed to the ball. To be able to hit the ball correctly, experience and technique are required, but if you have this then you are unstoppable with the diamond-shaped racket.

If you are an experienced tennis player and just getting started with padel, the drop or diamond shaped racket is suitable for you.

Weight of the Padel Racket

Padel rackets are almost always between 350 and 390 grams. Lighter rackets are, depending on the shape of the racket head, suitable for beginners, juniors and women. A light padel racket usually weighs between 365 and 375 grams. The advantage of a light racket is that it is easy to handle. The heavier rackets are suitable for advanced players because they require more power and technique, but in return offer a lot of speed.


Padel rackets are made from strong composite materials such as graphite, kevlar, fiberglass and carbon. Combining these materials ensures that vibrations are removed from the racket. By changing the proportions a stiffer or softer racket can be created. A stiffer racket provides more control while a softer racket offers more comfort.

Junior Racket

Are you looking for a racket for your son or daughter, then the age and height should be considered. If your son or daughter is younger than 8 years and smaller than 1.30 meters, a racket that is shorter than 40 cm, lighter than 280 and has a low balance point is suitable. This racket will be soft for the playing comfort and ensures that you get to know padel in a pleasant way.

If your son or daughter is between 8 and 11 years old, and has a length between approximately 1.30 and 1.45 meters, the racket will also be slightly larger. For children who meet these characteristics, a racket that is between 40 and 44 cm long with a weight of 305 grams is suitable. If your child already has experience, you can look at a racket with a higher balance point, so perhaps a drop-shaped racket.

The last category are Children who are twelve years or older and taller than 1.45 meters. This group can have an adult racket or a racket that is between 42 and 45 cm long. The most important thing is that the racket is no heavier than 330 grams.

Padel Bags and Balls

When you have chosen the ideal racket, you naturally also want to store it in a good way and take it with you, check out our wide collection of padel bags. We have both backpacks and racket bags, so something for everyone.

In addition to storage, it is also great to be able to test your racket immediately, so take a look at our collection of padel balls.