Basketball hoops and stands


Baskets and basketball stands

Do you want to use your basketball at home? A good basket can't be missed. That's why we have basketball hoops, hoops with backboard and complete basketball systems in our assortment. This enables you to find the basket that suits you best to practice your shots, throws and dunks at home.

Basketball systems

A complete basketball system consists out of a hoop, a backboard and stand. These systems can be placed anywhere, so you can transform any place into a small basketball field. There are both systems that can be placed on the ground and systems that can be placed with a heavy, mobile foot on the ground.


The well-known basketball brand Spalding has both baskets with and without backboard. The baskets cane be easily hung to a wall or round stand. As the official NBA partner, Spalding delivers high quality basketball hoops with net, that are suited for all your dunks!