Order tennis grips online

Tennis grips increase the amount of grip on your racket. A good grip absorbs moisture so that the racket slips out of your hands less quickly. A good grip clearly increases the playing comfort. has a wide range of tennis grips from many major brands. Do you have doubts about which grip to choose? Our expert customer service will gladly help you choose the right grip for your tennis racket.

Basic grip or over grip?

The first choice you make when you purchase a new grip is whether you choose a basic grip or an over grip. With a basic grip you place the grip directly over the handle and with an over grip you overlay the grip over the basic grip. Which tennis grip is best for you? That is primarily a personal preference. A basic grip is less subject to wear and tear while you have to replace an over grip more often to maintain playing comfort. Many competition players use over grips so that they regularly experience the feeling of a ‘new’ tennis grip and thus be able to start every match with perfect equipment.