Padel shoes


Padel Shoes

Whether you are a beginning or experienced player, a good pair of shoes is very important during exercise. Especially during a sport such as padel, where you need to be very manoeuvrable and need to accelerate without losing grip, it is extremely important to wear stable shoes.The upper must be made out of sturdy material that keeps your feet on their place and does not limit you in your movements. The outsole must have traction on the padel court but still allows you to turn quickly and slide if you have to reach further for the ball. For this reason, padel shoes have a fairly deep pattern on the outsole, this pattern can be in the form of dots, corners or herringbone. Finally, the shoes need to offer good cushioning in order to prevent injuries and discomfort.

Types of outsoles

The omni-sole is a dotted sole which is very comfortable on artificial grass courts. Due to the sole and grooves you have sufficient grip and traction, though you can still slide when necessary. The herringbone pattern on the sole creates friction and we also know it from the tennis court. Finally, there is a mixed, cornered sole which offers a combination of traction and comfort.

Padel Socks

Besides a good pair of shoes, comfortable socks are also very important. Socks support your feet, protect against irritations from, for example, sand and may offer a stylish touch to your outfit. We offer socks of various brands such as, Nike , Head , Wilson and Bidi-Badu . The socks of these brands often come in low and (half)high variants.