Hockey sticks


You can achieve the very best performance on the hockey field with one of our hockey sticks

Hockey sticks come in many different shapes, sizes, colors and materials. But one thing we know for sure, to achieve the very best performance on the hockey field, you need a comfortable hockey stick! At us you can choose hockey sticks from adidas, Brabo, Dita, Grays, Malik, Osaka, Reece, TK and Voodoo.

Hockey sticks for every player on the field

Are you looking for a hockey stick as a goalkeeper, are you a defender or an attacker? And do you badly need a stick for the sports hall or for the field? With one of our wooden hockey sticks or plastic hockey sticks you can be sure that you will be the star of the hockey field.

Indoor hockey sticks for indoor fields

The smaller field and bars make indoor hockey a fast, physical and technical game. Partly for this reason, an indoor hockey stick is lighter and thinner than a hockey stick that is used on the field. You move faster and easier and adapt more easily. Indoor hockey sticks and field hockey sticks are very similar in appearance. Both sticks have a U-shaped curl and a convex and flat side. The biggest differences between the two hockey sticks are the weight and the thickness. The hockey stick for the sports hall is many times lighter in weight and also has a flatter shape than the hockey stick for the field.

Field hockey sticks with a higher carbon percentage

If you play outside on the field, you naturally want to give a lot of power to every drag flick, push or stroke. That is why purchasing a field hockey stick with a higher carbon percentage is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. A flexible hockey stick mainly likes fiberglass, the high carbon percentage is reflected in the stiffer field hockey sticks.

You can calculate the correct size here

Whether you choose a field hockey stick or an indoor hockey stick, you need the same size in both cases. Senior players almost always have size 36.5. For juniors, however, it still differs, because the length of the stick depends on your own height. For your convenience, you can use the table below. If in doubt, it is important to remember that a stick should never go higher than the belly button, but not lower than the hip.

Body length  Recommended stick length
108 - 115 cm 24 - 26
115 - 122 cm 27 - 28
122 - 127 cm 29 
127 - 132 cm 30 
132 - 137 cm 31 
137 - 142 cm 32
142 - 147 cm 33 

147 - 154 cm

154 - 162 cm 35