Running socks


Running socks prevent wet feet, friction spots and blisters

Everywhere you look running shoes and running clothes are highlighted, but it often happens that running socks are underexposed. And you don't believe it, but it is still common for people to run on normal white cotton sport socks. The risk is wet feet, friction spots and perhaps the most annoying of all ... blisters. And you have to keep in mind, running socks have not been put on the market for nothing.

Running socks made for the left and right foot 

Real good running socks are made separately for the left and right foot. This is because you burden both feet differently while running. Whether you buy running socks from Nike, ASICS, Newline or Feetures, they are all anatomically shaped and certain parts are provided with more or less thick fabric. And, just as importantly, the seamless design also makes the socks incredibly comfortable.

The advantage of anatomically shaped socks

The correct anatomical design and thicker fabric on certain parts of the running socks ensure that you do not get blisters or that the socks will slide into your running shoes. So you only have to focus on your run! Most running socks are indicated with the letters "L" and "R", so that you immediately know which running sock is suitable for which foot.

Choose for ankle socks, mid-high socks or high socks

Do you prefer walking with ankle socks, half-high socks or high socks? It all belongs to our range. You have a choice of neutral socks, but also colorful models that make your outfit that little bit more colorful can all be ordered at Are you going for a set of socks, or would you rather alternate the socks with each other and order a 2-Pack?