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Field hockey bags


Hockey bags from Brabo, The Indian Maharaja, Osaka and adidas

At Sportshop you can choose from various hockey bags from, among others, Brabo, The Indian Maharaja, Osaka and adidas. Whether you are looking for a hockey bag for yourself or for your son or daughter, in both cases you are in the right place. Do you choose one of the stick bags, shoulder bags, backpacks or goalkeeper bags? Due to the different dimensions, colors and designs, there is for sure a suitable bag that can be ordered for your taste.

Get on the bike as safely as possible with one of the hockey bags

You probably recognise it. That one bike ride to the hockey club can be much safer. You have your stick in your hand and if you have to turn or stop at the traffic light, you notice that your balance is hard to find. Most hockey bags have a handy hockey trunk, so you can easily store your hockey stick. Do you go straight from work to training or does your son or daughter race to the club after the last hour of class? Then choose one of the hockey backpacks with a separate laptop compartment.

Clean clothes and hockey shoes can be stored in the separate compartment

Most hockey bags have a number of useful compartments. This means that you can separate your clean clothes from your hockey shoes and that you can safely store your bicycle or car key in a small zippered compartment. If you take multiple sticks with you to a training or competition, take a look at the range of stick bags. This way you know for sure that you have extra space for your other hockey gear.

Fill your hockey bag at Sportshop

You may notice that your mouth guard needs to be replaced, you need a new pair of shin guards or it is time to replace your grip on your stick. In all cases it is wise to also check out the rest of the Sportshop range. Everything for your training and competitions you shop under one roof.