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Padel Accessories

As a true specialist, we want to offer you complete equipment as a padel player. Equipment goes beyond just your padel Clothing, padel Rackets and Shoes, it also includes grips, water bottles, ball clamps, headgear and so on. At Sportshop we offer you all this on our accessories page.

During your padel game

When you are on the court you want to be comfortable and have optimal visibility so that you can react quickly. The products you need for this can be found in the form of sweat and hair bands, caps and visors, but also, for example, as overgrips that absorb sweat, bottles for sufficient water and possibly sports nutrition for energy during your explosive padel game! In addition, at Sportshop we also offer accessories such as towels and ball clamps. Whatever you can think of, we've got it.

Care after sports or in case of injuries

After your match or training, it is also wise to take good care of your body so that you prevent injuries and recover quickly. In our collection you will come across various pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory gels from, for example, IcePower and Quack. If something happens during your padel training or competition, you are prepared for it with our cooling products or first aid box.

Indispensable on the padel court

We assume that you are provided with a padel racket and an outfit, but did you know that your standard pair of sneakers is not suitable for the padel court? Take a look at our collection of padel shoes, these have special soles that are designed for padel or the surface on which you play padel.

In addition, you want to be able to safely carry and easily find the accessories that you shop in this category, your padel racket, the balls and your personal belongings. We are also there to the rescue with our collection of bags. We have different bag types so that there is always something that meets your needs.