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Sportshop.com has a large assortment of basketballs at sharp prices. For both the regular indoor season and for the outdoor street basketball players we have basketballs from your trusted brands like Spalding, Nike, Molten and adidas. Our basketballs have an amazing grip and are made of the most wear-resistant material.

Indoor basketballs

The indoor basketballs are made of artificial leather or composite leather. These materials are extra strong and offer players the best grip indoor. Many clubs play with the Spalding balls indoor and the Molten balls are often seen as well. Missing out on balls during warming up? Order your new indoor basketball at Sportshop.com! Outdoor basketballs

Outdoor basketballs

are stiffer and made of harder material than indoor basketballs. This is necessary to resist hard surfaces like tiles or concrete. The basketballs are mostly made of rubber or artificial leather and have a long lifespan. Wilson is the brand that produced the official match ball. The excellent grip and outstanding nice colors make the ball very popular on the courts.

Basketball sizes

The basketballs are made in different variants. This has to do with the weight and size of the basketball. Children, men and women each have an own size to play with:

Size 4: Used by children to 8 years

Size 5: Used by children to 12 years

Size 6: Used by women from 12 years

Size 7: Used by men from 12 years

Basketball braces and protection

Protect yourself and avoid injuries. Playing basketball can be pretty tough. That's why you need to ensure that you wear the rightbraces and protection. Most certainly, don't forget to wear a mouthguard. We sell different mouthguards from Sisi, Shock Doctor and ORPO Shield.