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Trail socks


Trail socks offer a lot of support for the arch

Wearing a pair of trail socks offers you many advantages during your trail run. In addition to benefiting from the necessary cushioning, your arch is also well supported. At Sportshop you can choose from various colorful and neutral designs, including Compressport, Herzog and Craft.

Finding the ideal pair of trail socks

A well-fitting pair of trail socks fits the heel and arch of the foot and provides room for the toe. Some movement for your feet is important in the toe box of your trail shoes. The best height of the trail sock depends mainly on your personal preference. Some runners adjust the height of the sock to the weather forecast. Think of a trail ankle sock during runs in summer and a half-high or high trail sock during runs in autumn or winter.

Avoid wearing cotton socks

Almost every running sock in our range is made of a polyester or polyamide mix. And that's for a reason. These materials prevent, as is the case with cotton, that sweat and odors are absorbed. This keeps your feet cool and fresh and the chance of blisters and chafing is minimized.

A lot of grip in your trail shoes because of the Compressport 3D Dots

If you choose trail socks from Compressport, there is a good chance that strategically placed 3D Dots have been processed. This allows you to enjoy a lot of grip in your trail shoes and this micro massage increases your blood flow while walking. You walk with more protection thanks to a reinforced toe area and perspiration is effectively removed.