Trail clothing


Trail clothing for trail running

Did you know that trail clothing differs from normal running clothing? If you are just starting out with trail running, you can go for a running short and shirt that are already in your wardrobe. If you regularly challenge unpaved trails, it is wise to also invest in the right trail clothing. To get you started, we give you some useful tips that you should take into account.

Opt for a tight running tight as the basis for your trail outfit

During trail runs, you may just walk along sharp branches or through puddles of water. In both cases, a tight running tight is a must. Besides that a tight for trail runs keeps you warm, it also fits tightly. This allows you to walk with minimal distraction and you are protected against branches and other sharp objects. Many trail running pants have a silicone grip on the thighs, making it easier to push off with your hands and thus save muscle strength.

Thermo clothing keeps you warm and regulates your moisture transport

Thermo clothing is not only a smart purchase for the coldest days of the year, a thermo shirt is also a real must-have during hot summer days. The clothing fits tightly and therefore does not move in wind, your moisture transport is well regulated and the clothing dries quickly when you walk through a rain shower. This way you always know that you stay comfortable and dry and that you can fully focus on your run.

Waterproof and windproof trail running jackets

Another great addition is one of our waterproof and windproof trail running jackets. You choose from different models, including ODLO and Compressport, and offer enough space for the safe transport of sports nutrition, your smartphone and keys. Most designs are coated with Gore-Tex® and therefore offer maximum protection against rain or the drops of leaves in the forest.

Complete trail clothing with matching trail accessories.

Chances are that you can quickly shop your brand new trail outfit together. But have you also thought of the right trail accessories? Think of a cap in the summer or a hat in the winter. This protects you well against sun or cold and increases your walking comfort.