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Wrist- and head bands

Sweatbands & hairbands for a comfortable run

Whether it is the middle of summer or winter, sweatbands & hairbands come in handy during every run. It prevents sweat from dripping into your eyes and preventing you from getting too hot. At Sportshop you can choose from different models including ASICS, Nike and Under Armor. Due to the elastic material you know for sure that the sweatbands & hair bands fit nicely and that friction and irritation are prevented during your run.

Sweat bands & hair bands of terry cloth or elastic material

The sweatbands & hairbands from our collection are made of terry cloth or elastic material. In both cases the bands have a high breathability and you know for sure that it will stay out of your face. If you want to wipe the sweat from your face during your run, you can choose from a wide range of matching wristbands. Are you going for one sweatband, or a set of three or six small hair bands that you can vary endlessly with?

Keep the focus on your run

You want to improve your time, walk further or improve your walking technique. In all cases it is important that you keep your focus on your run. With sweatbands & hairbands you know for sure that sweat doesn't stand a chance to get in your eyes, but have you also thought of other running accessories? Quickly attach your starting number to your clothes with Bibbit's running magnets, get enough moisture with a water bottle and listen to your favorite playlist with wireless headphones or earphones.

Improve your running performance with running socks

If you have opted for one of the sweatbands or hair bands, then take a look at our running socks. Thanks to the special material that the running socks are made of, you can be sure that the moisture transfer in your running shoes is also properly regulated. With us you choose from different models including ASICS, ODLO, Falke and Compressport.