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Smartphone arm band


Your smartphone within reach with smartphone cases

Do you love to run at a set tempo guided by music, do you have a digital running coach that helps you during your run or do you want to be available at all time, then you'll benefit from one of the smartphone cases by Sportshop. The sport arm bands from brands like Nike, Tunturi and ASICS have a perfect fit and prevent irritation.

Keep using your smartphone with smartphone cases

Maybe there's a certain song you don't like running with, or you want to end your tracker after finishing your match. In both cases, you want to use your phone quick and easy. Thanks to the special touchscreen service of the smartphone case, this is child's play. If you're running in the winter, it's smart to use special running gloves with touchscreen service.

Suited for multiple smartphones

Whether you're using a smartphone by Samsung, Nokia, Apple or another brand, your smartphone will fit perfectly in the universal smartphone cases. Most models have reflective details for a better visibility, but for the best visibility it's smart to order a sport arm band with LED-lighting. The lighting has multiple levels, so you can let your arm band blink, burn continuously or put it off.

Lift your running comfort to a higher level at Sportshop

If you choose a smartphone case, you love your running comfort, whether it's for the 5K, 10K or further. To lift your comfort to the next level, you might benefit from looking at the rest of our collection. Increase your visibility on the road with reflective running clothing and prevent irritation in your running shoes with seamless running socks.