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Shoe accessories

The most important laces and shoe accessories

With the laces and shoe accessories from Sportshop you know for sure that your running shoes will stay in the best condition. You choose from different products from Nathan, Go4Dry, STNKY and MKC, all of which are designed to give your running shoes the care it deserves.

Get a spare pair of laces

Something you may not think about so quickly, but which is very important, are extra laces. When your current laces break, it is of course super handy if you have a spare pair at home. Because of this you will not miss a single training and the shoelaces of Stanno, Nathan and Rucanor will also last incredibly long. For example, choose for Nathan's elastic laces so that tying becomes a thing of the past, or choose for luminous MKC laces.

Insoles for daily use and during your run

Stanno insoles provide support and comfort while running. Besides that they offer a lot of cushioning during your run, they are also extremely suitable for daily use. You prevent the risk of injuries to your lower legs, feet, achilles tendon and heel and you can therefore achieve the goals that you have set for yourself faster.

Avoid unpleasant odors in your running shoes with shoe fresheners

Have you already walked quite a few kilometres with your running shoes, then it is of course possible that unpleasant odors arise. Even if you walk with running socks that control your moisture transfer. If you prefer to prevent these unpleasant odors, then shoe fresheners offer a nice solution. Think of shoe fresheners where you put your shoes on, or a mini shoe freshener. The latter can be taken anywhere with its compact size and can easily be stored in a cupboard or drawer.