Safety and Lights


Safety and lighting is an essential part for runs in the twilight or dark

Running in the twilight, the dark or through the mist, then safety and lighting is essential. You want to be seen better by other road users and run your 5K, 10K or more safely. The lighting by Joggy, Nathan, MKC and Tunturi have a long burning time and ensure a safe run, mile after mile.

Running lighting for your upper arm and ankle

One of the most loved running lighting are straps attached around your upper arm or ankle. And that's not for nothing. The lighting is easy to use and won't obstruct you in your movement freedom. The Velcro closure ensures a nice fit and the replacable batteries makes your lighting last long.

Reflection vests with and without LED

Besides running lighting, reflective vests are also loved by runners. You might've ran with it before or you're going to try it for the first time soon. Choose whether you love running more with a reflective vest, or that you buy a vest with LED-lighting for improved visiblity. Besides the classical vest, Sportshop also offers handy belts that fit like a glove!

Luminous laces improve your shoes' visibility

Running in the dark, or got a running match in the dark planned soon, then luminous shoe laces are a nice accessory for your running shoes. The laces replace your regular shoe laces and thanks to the replacable batteries yuo can endlessly use these accessories! Don't forget to take a look at our running clothing collection with reflective details and start your run safely all year long.