I love Running


Show your running addiction with the I Love Running products

Sportshop released the I Love Running running products for the real running addicts. If there's nothing you love doing more than running or do you know someone that runs once or multiple times a week? With our running accessories you're definitely right!

Bibbits I Love Running running magnets

Do you often participate in running competitions, than you must know the moment of attaching your starting number on your running shirt. Only the safety pins could easily hurt your fingers, you can't close it because of the nerves and you keep making small holes in your shirt every time. That's a shame, because you'd like to wear it as long as possible, without losing quality.

The Bibbits I Love Running running magnets consists of a set of four. This means that you can firmly attach each corner of your starting number to your shirt, so it won't move during your run. And at least as important, you won't put holes in your running shirt again.

Start every run prepared

The Bibbits I Love Running magnets largely contribute to the best preparation for a running match. Do you want to get the most out of your run and improve your personal record? With seamless running socks, breathing running clothing and running shoes with enough cushioning you'll be sure to run your miles as comfortable as possible.

Recover your muscles after a training or match with sports nutrition

Running a half marathon or just finished your first 10K? In both cases, there's a big chance that your legs feel tired sooner and can use some treatment. Recover your muscles with sports nutrition or massage them with a foam roller.