An acute injury, such as a sprained ankle or muscle tear, often results in a hematoma or swelling. In the event of a hematoma, bloodvessels are torn and the cooling brings this to a halt as quickly as possible. Cooling also reduces pain by stimulating fluid drainage and preventing vasodilation, which means that no more blood can flow to the affected area.

Good cooling products are therefore essential and can accelerate the recovery of an acute injury. At we have therefore included various cooling products in our range. Tubes, spray, cold packs & ice bags ensure that there is enough choice for you to get a cooling element from top brands such as IcePower, Igloo, McDavid, and Select.

Some tips for cooling ..

- Always wrap the cooling instrument well with, for example, a towel or shirt so that the skin does not come into direct contact with the cold.
- Do not cool for longer than 15 to 20 minutes, with extra cooling extra blood comes to the place, this is what you want to prevent.
- You can keep repeating cooling for the first 24 to 48 hours after the injury, longer makes no sense then the recovery starts.