Korfball pumps

To be able to play korfball, it is important that a properly pumped korfball is present. To be sure of this, it is useful to always have a pump with you, or whether a compressor is present at club level. Sportshop.com is happy to help with this and has therefore included a number of pumps and compressors in the range of top brands such as Erima, Hummel, Molten, Nike, Rucanor, Select and Tunturi. Loose needles and valve oil are also available in our range.


For korfball, there are only a few brands that have high-quality korfballs in their assortment. These indoor and outdoor korfballs from Mikasa, Rucanor and Molten are available in different colors and sizes. Many of the korfballs offered by us have been approved by the Dutch KNKV and IKF and therefore the perfect match ball. We have tier prices especially for associations and clubs, so that when you purchase a larger number of korfballs you get a sharper price.