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Indoor korfballs and outdoor korfballs

Our collection of korfballs consists of both indoor and outdoor korfballs. For the indoor korfballs, a softer top layer has been used, because it has to endure less than an outdoor korfball. The soft top layer provides a better grip, but as a result, they wear faster than the outdoor korfballs. The outdoor korfballs have a hard top layer and are optimally resistant to moisture. Because of the hard top layer, the grip is less than with an indoor korfball. The balls, by brands like Mikasa, Molten, Rucanor are available in many different colors. A number of balls offered by Sportshop.com are officially approved by the IKF (International Korfball Federation). The balls are therefore suitable for training and competitions.

Korfball sizes

Sportshop.com has the three official sizes of korfballs namely type number 3, 4 & 5. Type number 3 is suitable for the F youth, Number 4 for the D and E youth. Type number 5 is used from the C-youth up to and including the seniors.

Korfball clothing

We also offer a wide range of korfball clothing. The clothing is available for ladies, men, and children. The clothing range includes various top brands such as Adidas, Brooks, Erima, Errea, Herzog, Hummel, Mizuno, Nike, and Select.

Korfball shoes

Sportshop.com is also a specialist in korfball shoes. We offer a wide range of different sizes, models, brands, and colors. Both indoor and outdoor shoes are available. All korfball shoes are equipped with the latest developments, which gives you optimum support and stability. With top brands such as Adidas, Hummel, Nike, Mizuno, Salming and Under Armour, you have come to the right place for a great pair of korfball shoes.