Which cooling products are useful for a handball player?

Handball is known as a hard sport. Accidents can occur in a fraction of a second. Cooling products are therefore very handy to have.
In this shop you will find products from MC David, ICEPOWER and Select, among others.

Cold packs

Cold packs are very good to use for injuries or swellings.
A cold pack helps relieve the pain and can speed up healing.
In our range we have both normal cold packs and cold hot packs.
Cold hot packs have the same function as a normal cold pack, but can also be heated, which gives a nice relaxation to the muscles.

Igloo playmate

As a good preparation, it is wise to always have cold packs with you, but how do you take them with you?
A tip for this is the Igloo playmate, because this is a cool box where you can conveniently take all your cold packs.
In our shop we have different sizes.

Special gels

Also known are the special gels.
Think of the Icepower msm tube, the icepower cold gel tube and the icepower arthro.
These gels work against (long-term) pain, and are easy to lubricate.
Not sure exactly which gel is best for you? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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