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It is wise for every handball player to have a roll of tape with him, but why?

When you are straining a muscle during a competition or training, it is of course sad if you have to sit on the side for the remaining game time.
Tape can help you to finish the training or match, which of course every player likes to do.
Tape is not only useful when the muscle is strained, also when you have just come back from an injury or suffer from a weak joint.
In our shop you will find various tape products from, among others, Mc David, Select and Tunturi.

Pre-cut tape

We have a handy solution for people who are not so sure how the tape works best: 'pre-cut tape'.
You do not have to think about how to tape the body part, because the shape is already cut out.
All you have to do is place the tape on your body, easy!
In our range you will find pre-cut tape for the ankle, thighs, back, shoulder and elbow.

Non-pre-cut tape

We also have many different types of tape in the range that you can place yourself.
Not only do we have different brands, but also different colors such as black, blue, white, pink, beige, yellow, green, orange and red.
Something for everyone he/she likes.