First Aid


Always be prepared with first aid equipment

Unfortunate events sometimes happen with every sport, so also with handball.
A blister on your heel, a muscle strain, a collision with the opponent etc.
Not very nice to experience, but it can be quickly remedied with good first aid equipment.
In our shop you will find first aid products from adidas, Kempa and Select.

Medical bags

Medical bags are very handy, so you always have all your things with you at once.
Do you already have a lot of first aid stuff at home? Then the medical bag without content is a good choice.
Here you can store your own belongings and easily take them with you.
In our range we have medical bags without content from Select, adidas and Kempa.

If you can use first aid items in addition to a bag, the medical bag with contents is a good choice.
This includes products such as: Ice packs, plasters, tape and much more.
In our range we have medical bags with Select contents.

Other supplies

Separate first aid items can also be found with us.
Examples include: stretch tape, massage oil, scissors and blister plasters.
You may not immediately think of it, but they are all essentials that can be important during or after a match / training.