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Handy during handball, sweat and hair bands

How nice it is to be able to play a game undisturbed. Do not suffer from drops of sweat or hair in your face.
With headbands, hairbands and sweatbands you can play handball without any worries.


The function of headbands is to absorb the sweat, so that the drops of sweat do not get into your eyes during handball.
In our range we have headbands from Nike and adidas.
The headbands come in various colors.

Hair bands

Many people will recognize it, during exercise, those annoying hairs in your eyes.
Fortunately, hair bands fix this problem.
Hair bands ensure that your hair stays in shape, so you can play handball undisturbed without having to take everything out of your face.
In our range we have hair bands from, among others, Nike and Kempa.


Sweatbands are also very useful during handball. When you are playing handball you often start to sweat.
Sweatbands are used to wipe away the sweat on your forehead, so that it does not bother you.
In our range we have sweatbands from, among others, Nike, Hummel and Select.
In addition, the sweatbands are available in many different colors.