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Field hockey balls

Hockey balls from Brabo, Dita, Grays and Kookaburra

Whether you are on the field, on the street or in the hall, in all cases you can order appropriate hockey balls at Sportshop. You choose from different colors and sizes from brands such as Brabo, Dita, Grays and Kookaburra. For example, go for a ball with a glitter, a cool emoticon or just a print of the logo.

Dimple hockey balls and smooth hockey fields for water fields

If you play a lot on the water field, then you play with dimple hockey balls or smooth hockey balls. A dimple ball drains the water due to the small dimples faster and better. In addition to using a smooth hockey ball for water fields, these hockey balls also lend themselves perfectly to training sessions and competitions on sandy fields.

Hockey balls for street hockey

If you play street hockey, you need a ball that is lighter in weight, smaller and less hard. The special street hockey balls from Brabo offer the solution for this. You choose from a wide range of colors and the smooth surface makes the hockey balls ideal for a duel at home, on the street or in the garden. Please note that the balls, just like with field hockey, can get hard! Protection in the form of mouthguards or shinguards is therefore advisable.

Choose from various indoor hockey balls from Brabo, Dita, Kookaburra and Sportshop

Just like the street hockey balls, indoor hockey balls differ from models for water and sandy fields. The indoor hockey balls are lighter in weight and are always smooth. You choose from different colors from Brabo, Dita, Kookaburra, but also from your own Sportshop brand. Have you made a choice for one of our hockey balls, then also check out our hockey sticks and hockey shoes. This ensures that you are prepared to play on the water field, sand field, the street or the hall with the right hockey products.