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Brabo TC-9 Classic Curve

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Brabo TC-9 Classic Curve
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All about this product

All about the Brabo TC-9 Classic Curve

Brabo TC-9 Classic Curve is a stiff field stick for the technical hockey player. You generate a lot of ball speed in a coordinated manner and is ideal for the all-round player.

The 3-channel technology generates more torsional stiffness and improves the trampoline effect, which provides extra power. This means that with a high carbon percentage, more technique is needed to stop and push or hit correctly. However, you do get a lot of feeling for the ball in return.

The classic curve is high in the stick, making stopping, hitting and pushes with the ball very easy and the ball stays on the ground. However, lifting the ball is a bit more difficult.

Features and benefits
- 90% carbon
- 3-channel technology
- Mid bow of 24 mm by 310 mm
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Reviews (0)

Brabo TC-9 Classic Curve
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