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Sportshop.com, your basketball specialist!

Are we actual basketball specialists? YES WE ARE! Are you looking for new basketball shoes, the latest Jordans, basketball clothing or of course the best basketballs? We’re going to help you. At Sportshop.com, you’ll really find everything you need for a pleasant training or important game. Dunk like Michael Jordan, shoot like Stephen Curry and score like LeBron James… it won’t be up to the gear.

Basketball shoes and clothing

Basketball might be the sport where you’ll find the most colorful, outstanding and remarkable shoes. Just like many other sports, you can choose between high and low basketball shoes. One thing is for sure, your ankles don’t mind which shoe you choose. The comfort and firmness at the well-known sideways movement has to be perfect, so you can concentrate on the training or match. Of course, you’ll find a large collection of Nike basketball shoes at our website, but brands like Under Armour and adidas can’t miss out either.

You’re wearing the right basketball shoes and in your hands lies the perfect basketball. What’s missing now is a nice set of basketball clothing to train or play games in. Do you feel comfortable in slightly baggy/wide clothing? You’ll definitely find it at Sportshop.com. Are you looking for basketball clothing with a tight fit? Take a look as well! You can’t get around the real basketball brands like Spalding, Nike and Under Armour


What would a web shop with basketball products be without…. basketballs. Do you need a basketball for training or a real game basketball? You’ll find it here! Spalding, Nike, Molten, adidas and even Jordan basketballs are all available online. Even for outdoor use or the popular 3x3 variant, we have the basketball that you’re looking for. If you have any questions or want to know more about the basketballs, do not fear to contact us. Our basketball specialist dives into it and always gives he best advice!