Trainers and coaches


Trainers and coaches basketball

To be able to optimally train and coach you can use various coach and trainers articles. These articles will sharpen your trainings even more so your team will get even better. Our assortments has multiple articles available like a coach board with belongings, a coordination ladder, marking hats, a stopwatch and much more


The stopwatches in our assortment are provided with a clear digital display. The soft, rubber casing ensures that the watches can handle a bump and that they're water resistant!

Coordination ladder

The coordination ladder is used in 24 different kind of sports, among which basketball. With basketball, the ladder is mainly used to improve the speed of the footwork.
The beauty of the ladder is that it can be used to train focused on for instance sideward movement for the defenseor coordination. The different coordination ladders in our assortment have different lengths.

Coach boards with belongings

A coach board is essential during trainings and matches for every basketball trainer or coach. The boards are made of ABS material and is provided with a whole and half field. With the coach boards, giving tips and direction is much easier. You can power your words with the drawings on the board. There are different boards available with different belongings like markers, an eraser or magnets.