Basketball sports tape

Sports tape ensures extra stability and safety for weak joints or muscles. The sports tape is often used for joints that are still weak after an injury or to prevent from getting injured again. The tape is used for knees, wrist, ankles, elbow, shoulders and back. In our assortment, we have a large choice in different kinds and brands of sports tape like Select, McDavid and Ultimate Performance.

Select Profcare tape

This sports tape: Select Profcare Tape is also called Medical tape. The sports tape can be used to treat injuries or to correct body postures but also to repair overload in joints and muscles. The medical tape has become more popular in recent years because it improves recovery and your body will perform better when it’s pain free. Besides, the elastic sports tape stimulates the blood flow so the blood in your body will transfer more oxygen to the muscles and thus decreasing muscle pain. Our assortment has different colors of Select Profcare Tape available, that's a perfect match with our large assortment of basketballclothing.