Flip Flops


Slippers basketball

Slippers are perfect to wear while showering after a training or match. With slippers, you make sure that your showering hygienically. Both slippers women and slippers men are flexible and made of plastic with light, pre-formed insoles. Your feet sit tight in the slippers so your toes won’t slip over the edge. Our assortment includes various brands like Spalding and adidas.

adidas slippers

The adidas slippers for men and women are combined with the world-wide known 3 stripes style by adidas. The sole features comfortable Cloadfoam material which merges the midsole with the outsole for optimal damping. The side of the sports slipper has an adidas logo. The adidas slippers are available in different sizes and colors.

Nike slippers

Nike uses durable, high-quality materials combined with their own technique to ensure that quality and comfort are up top. The swoosh logo comes back on every product, just like with the Nike sports slippers in our assortment. Nike slippers women and Nike slippers men are suitable to use after sporting and help with recovering your feet. The slippers form to the feet and have ultra-soft damping with a flexible outsole.