Cooling basketball

At we have a broad assortment of cooling products that can help you with minor aches or injuries, we sell cooling products from top brands such as IcePower, McDavid and Select. For example, you will find the hot & cold compresses that can be used both hot and cold for natural pain relief. The compresses can be heated in warm water or cooled in the freezer. View the handy hot / cold pack from IcePower! Do you need a quick and direct approach for your pain? Then choose an ice spray, for example this one! The spray cools quickly, making you feel fit again quickly. It can be used during sports, when an injury occurs. In addition to the spray, you will also find ice gel on, this has the same effect as the ice spray. Do you like to try this? Then take a look at this ice gel from IcePower! Don't forget to complete your basketball inventory while you're here, we have a many basketball clothes!