Ball pumps


Pumps basketball

To be able to perform optimally, it is important to have sufficiently inflated basket balls. With a ball pump, you’ll never have to worry if the ball is hard enough. Our assortment contains different ball pumps that fit your style. For example the Nike ball pump or pumps with an air pressure gauge. Most pumps are small enough to always carry in your sports bag, but we also have larger ball pumps for teams or clubs. Besides, loose compartments of a ball pump are available as well.

Valve oil

To be sure that your ball won’t go leak or to smoothen the inflation of the basketball, we sell valve oil. This oil can be used to prevent valve drying, which makes the valve and your ball last longer. Drip 1 to 2 drops on the valve, press the ball seam carefully in the valve. Keep the pump right above the valve while inflating.