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Sportshop.com, your korfball specialist!

Are you a korfball maniac? Well, you can count yourself lucky because our korfball products are ready for the game. In our collection, you will find korfball shoes, korfball clothing and last but not least korballs. Do you still have a question about a product or you want to know the possibilities for your team? Feel free to contact us anytime so we can give you the advice you need.

Korfball shoes and clothing

Korfball is well-known of its indoor and outdoor season. Whether you are a fan of indoor or outdoor it is important that you have the right gear. Indoor korfball shoes have sufficient cushioning and ensure that have the right grip for an indoor field. When you play outside you don't have to leave behind the excellent grip and cushioning but you need durable cleats which guaranty one thing: grip!

Sportshop.com offers korfball clothing from the well-known brands. For example, we offer korfball shirts from Erima, korfball bags from Hummel and several durable Nike korfball socks. When we select our collection korfball clothing we look for comfort and freedom of movement.


Not only korfball shoes are different for the indoor and outdoor season also the korfball itself is different. Most of the korfballs we offer are certified by the KNKV and the IKF. Outdoor korfballs are stronger and more durable in different weather conditions. You can the flagship brand like Mikasa, Rucanor and Molten in our collection.