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Shoe accessories basketball

To take extra good care of your basketball shoes we have various shoe accessories in our assortment like shoe laces, insoles, shoes bags and shoe refreshers. All these products help you to maintain your basketball shoes, but also to take care of yourself so injuries are reduced. Always handy in your sports bag are extra shoe laces for when your laces break. Our assortment includes multiple colors of laces so you’ll be able to choose which suits you best. To reduce or prevent the chance on injuries, you can use insoles. The composition of materials provide you with maximum stability. The soles have a top layer of low-friction material and Ultra Fresh Silpure to reduce the chance on blisters.

Basketball shoes

While playing basketball, you’re moving a lot and making lots of fast and unexpected moves like jumping, running, turning, catching and throwing. Basketball shoes help you to make these moves without getting injured. The basketball shoes have lots of techniques for the ideal damping and comfort. Thanks to the damping and stability offered by the shoes you’ll be able to play basketball carefree. Our assortment includes high or low basketball shoes that are available in various brands, sizes and colors.