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Compression socks

Compression socks, also called support stockings, have been specially developed for the proper disposal of waste substances. The pressure from the ankle to the knee is increased, which ensures better blood flow. Buying compression socks is very easy at Sportshop and we offer you the best brands. Compression socks ensure a dosed compression, decreasing pressure development from ankle to knee, effective with calf complaints, Achilles tendon problems, and faster recovery after exercise.

Compression socks Herzog

The compression socks from Herzog are very effective before, during and after exercise. During exercise, lower leg injuries are common. The lower legs have a lot to endure when jumping or turning. With every step, your legs have to catch three times the body weight. Herzog compression socks have a preventive effect, reduce pain and thereby promote recovery after a match or training. Volleyball compression socks are available in various colors and sizes.

Compression socks McDavid

The McDavid volleyball compression socks stimulate the circulation of blood in the muscles during and after exercise. This speeds up muscle recovery and reduces muscle pain. The specially developed McDavid compression stocking technology ensures optimum moisture transport and comfort. The McDavid volleyball compression socks are equipped with an ergonomic footbed for optimum pressure distribution and wearing comfort.

Stanno compression socks

The Stanno compression socks are made of 97% polyamide, 2% elastane, and 1% glass beads. The Stanno compression socks ensure ideal blood flow, faster recovery after an exercise and it reduces the risk of cramping and muscle pain. The back of the compression socks are equipped with reflective yarn and the combination of material ensures optimum moisture transport. The seamless finish prevents blisters and irritations. Compression socks from Stanno are available at competitive prices.