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Train your muscle mass, stamina and flexibility with kettlebells

For over 100 years, kettlebells are used for power training. The classical version is de cast-iron cannon ball with handle, but our assortment also contains multiple variants provided with rubber coating. You'll be training your muscle mass, stamina and flexibility on an explosive level.

Choose kettlebells from multiple brands

In our webshop, you can choose your kettlebells from brands like Tunturi and XW Max. For whatever version you'll go, with theright weight you'll be sure to train your entire body. During every exercise, the msucles in your shoulders, back, arms, stomach and legs have to work together. Besides the training of your muscles, you'll improve your body coordination as well by using kettlebells.

Cannon balls with a weight of 2 to 32 kg

Did you know that you can choose from cannon balls with a weight between 2 and 32 kg in our webshop? Whether you're experienced or inexperienced with this training tool, there's always a right weight available for you. Do you want to extend your home workout? One of our weight plates, wrist and ankle weights or might be something for you!