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Barbell bars for training your muscle groups

From squats to lunges and from bench presses to a deadlift, with barbells you perform various effective exercises. As a result, you take good care of all muscle groups and you can use the bar both standing and lying on a bench. But which barbell do you need exactly? To get you started, read here for which exercises you need which barbells!

BodyPump with aerobic bars

Do you attend a BodyPump class regularly and would you like to do this at home? Or would you like to bring your own material to a group lesson? In that case, one of our aerobic bars is the right choice. The bars are supplied as a set with weights, but you can also choose from 130 cm aerobic bars and 150 cm aerobic bars. These bars can be combined well with the coloured aerobic discs from Tunturi.

Curl bars for an isolated workout for your arms

Do you want more muscle mass, especially in your arms? Curl bars are a great training partner for an isolated training for your arms. This curled shape reduces the risk of injury, since you train in a natural position. With a diameter of 30 mm you can combine one of our curl bars with our range of weight plates with a diameter of 30 mm.

Olympic barbells with a diameter of 50 mm

If you are going for the heavier lift work, then the Olympic barbells with a diameter of 50 mm are a wise choice. These barbells are suitable for the heaviest weights and suitable for Bumper Plates and cast iron discs. For optimum protection, it is certainly wise to order a set of fitness gloves, a fitness belt and magnesium blocks immediately.

Spring locks, screw locks and ABS spring locks

Have you lost your current pair of locks or do you want an extra set for it? In that case, take a look at our range of locks. You choose from different spring locks, screw locks and ABS spring locks with a diameter of 30 mm and 50 mm.